Hollywood continues to be unoriginal and I couldn’t be happier! Especially when it comes to reissuing pop-culture favorites for nostalgia and to create new fans. N’SYNC, Destiny’s Child, the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon have all returned from the early 2000’s to bring back childhood memories some of us are still trying to forget and I love it.

I’m not gonna lie, some of it is unnecessary. I mean, that new (and totally unforgettable) Destiny’s Child song on their “Love Songs” hits album? Please… No. But seeing your favorites reunite for a final performance is amazing. I actually cried when N’SYNC performed their medley during the VMA’s last night. I was a huge fan and it took me back.

Times have changed. The people and animations we’re now seeing have evolved and look slightly different. That’s life. I understand that some people may wish for things to be left at a former high note. I personally appreciate any cool remnants of the past I can get.