Or should I say Grace saving fashion?

Grace Kelly originally started out as an Oscar award-winning actress of the 50’s before becoming the Princess of Monaco and royal bride to Prince Ranier III.

Grace was not actually one to be considered very high maintenance when it came to fashion. She didn’t spend vast amounts of money on clothing and opted for dressing down when she wasn’t attending Hollywood or royal events. When she later became princess, she opted for styling herself without assistance.

Known for having elegance, class, wit and beauty, Grace stood out in whatever she wore because she executed all of her fashion pairings with style. Whether she was in a fur, black sunglasses, a scarf, pioneering a nude-faced modeling look, or toting what became known as her signature “Kelly” Hermes Birkin bag, Grace always stood out in an appealing way. Appealing enough to make it onto the International Best Dressed List in 1960.

Her untimely passing happened in 1982 but she will forever live on as a timeless fashion inspiration for myself and all of the fashion greats of today, current and emerging.

She will forever be my favorite princess.