Jamaican born Grace Jones has been a model, singer, actress and style icon since entering the industry at the age of 21 in 1969. Transitioning from high fashion modeling to securing a record deal with Island Records in 1977, Grace then evolved from music to acting in smaller budget films throughout the 80’s.

With a look mixing femininity, masculinity and edge, Grace was allegedly cited for pioneering the cross-dressing movement of the 80’s. Stars such as Lady Gaga, Santigold, Rihanna and Annie Lennox have all cited Grace Jones as a personal inspiration.

As you can see from the pictures above, Grace is (and has always been) progressive on the fashion front. Pairing masks, bright colors, couture dresses and crazy accessories, she has a look that is bold but beautiful. Striking and stunning. Grace Jones is as much of a performance artist as she is a stage performer.

Not just anyone can pull off the fashion choices that Grace Jones has. She has a way of inspiring those who feel that they have their own mold to break, a call from Grace to take.