(First, this article is NOT for kids…)

Hunter Moore is kind of like hot and sour soup at a Chinese restaurant. You either love it or hate it. And his brand of hyper-sexual, exploitative and party-drenched social media can be hard for some to swallow.

He originally gained his following from the creation of his now ceased revenge-porn website Is Anyone Up dot com and is currently working to release a mobile app version of the site. Moore has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and other various online publications, airs a podcast and even records his own music. That is, when he’s not participating in sex, drugs, video game playing and ample twitter use.

I particularly enjoy Hunter’s brand because it’s different, raw, blatant and honest. Hunter goes there, saying things (I believe) most guys are thinking but too scared to admit. Sure, his forum can be crude, offensive and sometimes disgusting. But such is life. To me, Hunter Moore is simply a different perspective.

I feel he gives a rawness back to culture that is consistently withering due to censorship.

I understand that his content isn’t for everyone. It most definitely is not for children or people who are ashamed of sex and nudity. Regardless, I’m not everyone and it is for me. I’d easily call him one of the most entertaining men online. He rattles people up while bringing people together. Which is something we could use in this steadily disconnecting world.

Lastly, there is currently a Tumblr-blog version of Is Anyone Up, in case you wanted to get a feel for what it’s like…

(I was thoroughly entertained by Is Anyone Up dot com when it was active. I thoroughly enjoy Hunter’s tweets now. I wrote this because Hunter gets so much negative press that I wanted to provide my own take on his awesomeness. And of course, none of the views or opinions expressed in any of Hunter Moore’s online forums are my own.)