Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is my favorite former first lady. I wasn’t born when she remodeled the white house or reportedly surpassed the amount of J.F.K.‘s gross presidential income in shopping for first wife fashion, yet she still remains an inspiration to me.

In the 60’s, she set trends that are still fashion staples to many of today’s style conscious.

As you can see, black over-sized sunglasses were her trademark. She had a lot of her clothes designed but was also known to frequent top fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. She also seems to be consistently cited as the creative force behind her own (fashion and hair) style, which only adds to her iconic appeal and class.

Jackie O, as the paparazzi called her, also unintentionally pioneered tabloid-style media by naturally being such a fascination to photographers and media outlets. The pink Chanel suit she wore during the unfortunate assassination of her then-husband president John F. Kennedy has its own Wikipedia page and allegedly became a symbol of the events during that time.

After Kennedy’s passing, Jackie continued to be a media obsession and fashion darling.

Sorry Michelle, but why can’t other first ladies be this cool?